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  • PRIMA is your One Stop Shop for all of your building materials. We offer various types of stairs ,Balustrade, flooring, Window& Door, bathroom accessories at competitive price. We can offer you professional solution according to your request, If you want to make your house more delicate ,Please contact us.
  • As a leading supplier for many different building materials, we mainly worked with the Developer, Contractor, Home owners, Designer and the Architect. We have our own DESIGN TEAM and Quality Control Center. You only need send us your projects Plan drawings then we make the solutions for you
  • We have been in the building materials business for many years, our reputation result from our past well feedback finished projects over the 35 countries, For example: The USA, Canada, Australia, Mauritius, Ghana, Kenya, Thailand, Caribbean Countries and Europe Countries.
  • Optimize the global building materials industry chain, provide professional services to meet customer building materials needs, so that building work becomes easier.
  • To be a world-class one-stop customized brand of building materials and home furnishings; and become a world-class enterprise providing integrated building materials and home furnishings and service solutions.

Established Team

We are comprised of a number of individuals and professionals subdivided into different departments working together under a set of systems and guidelines to ensure the success of the project. We are able to react faster and more effectively to any variations and issues encountered on our projects. This also allows us to communicate with our client constantly even if our project is moving at top speed. We are composed of no less than 225 individuals and professionals working collectively for the ensure success of each and every projects.

Project Consultant Teamhdp
Project Consultant Team

There are nearly 80 people in our business department. Itis a large-scale team that directly contacts with customers and provides customers with the first service. Our salesman has professional product knowledge, good English communication skills, and mature business follow-up Ability to provide customers with professional and timely feedback, good salesman can help customers save much time and effort, our top priority is to provide the one stop high quality servic and maintain the long-term friendship with our business partner.

designer teamfwb
Designer Team

Our design team is composed of staircase&railings product designers,cabinet designers, door and window designers, and interior designers which help us to provide the plan and elevation drawing, 3D Rendering effect drawing, architectural drawing, and we also can provide the onsite measurement service if customer needed. Once you send the plans for your house, our designer can give you the professional solution according to your demand and jobsite. To provide the most professional service is their priority.

Quality Control Teamnhf
Quality Control Team

Quality Inspection Department mainly engaged in an activity of checking, measuring, or testing one or more product or service characteristics and comparing the results with the specific requirements to confirm compliance. This task is executed by skilled personnel, not by production workers. Everyone familiar with all kinds of production standards and specific requirements of the furniture industry, especially the production process of cabinets,doors, windows, stairs, and guardrails. This process plays an important role in maintaining the long-term business relationship with our customers and make sure the goods are meet their demands.

Factory Production Departmentjks
Factory Production Department

Our factory mainly has four production lines, stair railing factory, cabinet factory, aluminum alloy doors and windows factory, and wooden door factory. All employees have been engaged in this industry for more than 10 years on average.
They are familiar with metal casting, processing, welding process, operation of mechanical equipment and so on and has the ability to quickly solve various technical problems in the production process. After years of accumulation has been formed an excellent production team and technical team.

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Project Manager


Zoe has brought a whole new level of hard work to every projects with PRIMA. She is passionate about providing customers with the best possible experience, and her values and work ethic have allowed her to succeed in doing so. She is very familiar with foreign markets, and has rich experience to communicate and Integrate all the resources. Responsible for the maintenance and order development of many important projects and old customers, coordinate and deal with problems in project implementation to promote project progress; connect all businesses of the company, promote the smooth implementation of projects, and provide more professional services.
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Project Designer


As the manager of the Designer Department, Vic is fully responsible for the daily management of the Designer Department, supervising the details of the drawing and the production process and the optimization of the product. He has more than 10 years of experience related work in the staircase and hardware industry, Responsible for the appearance and structure design of staircase and hardware products, proficient in using CAD, PS, Al, CDR and other common design software, designing product appearance and modeling according to customer needs and issuing accurate construction drawings and renderings.
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Project Designer


As director of design, Beryl guides and collaborates with clients to create high-performance spaces that help people feel productive, engaged and happy. She is responsible for the appearance and structure design of various cabinet products, proficient in the use of CAD, PS, Al, CDR and other common design software, according to customer demand for product appearance modeling design and produce accurate construction drawings and renderings.
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Product Manager


With rich experience, Clover can effectively manage the daily order placement, scheduling, quality control, shipping, etc., to ensure that customers can get satisfactory products in a timely and smooth manner. The products produced by our company have a strict quality inspection process, and each product will be tested before shipment. Passing a strict quality inspection process ensures that the product you receive meets your expectations.
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Quality Surveyor Manager

Nick Liang

Nick Liang has 15 years of QC experience across the building material manufacturing sectors. Has rich experience in Strict quality control systems applied to all production process raw materials and finished products. He is very familiar with all kinds of production standards and specific requirements of the furniture industry, especially the production process of cabinets, doors, windows, stairs, and guardrails. He is an experienced quality test personnel who is very careful, responsible, and experienced in quality.